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I started Choice Confections in 2015, with a small Kitchen Aid mixer and big aspirations. Over the years I've had my fair share of kitchen catastrophes, but my love for baking, creating, and learning has never wavered.  As a chef, I take pride in all the food I make- but there's something about desserts that makes me warm inside, watching my client's eyes light up when they finally see their order. Read More >>

Danielle Hannah
Owner & Head Baker

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Cookies & Cupcakes

Our sugar cookies are made with real butter and other natural ingredients and can be decorated in thousands of ways. Our cupcakes are fresh, fragrant, and yes, moist! I hope you find something here you like, but if not then just fill out the order form. Custom orders are kinda my thing.

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What Customers Are Saying

Thank you so much Dani for my Halloween cookie decorating kit! The kit came with a dozen cookies with four different designs, along with three colors of frosting and cute sprinkles! She also included little baggies for the cookies and tools to help spread the frosting. The cookies were fresh and yummy and it was a fun and memorable experience to do something creative. I definitely recommend trying out her chocolate flavored sugar cookies! Thanks again!

Christina Fisher