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One dozen custom cupcakes in a decorated monogram box. [12 in an order. Typically 10-12 will fit in 1 box, so the remainder will be packaged separately]. Please order 2 weeks in advance! These are customized for each client and require extra decorating time for the box and the content. Provide any theme/occasion, and put your letter of choice in the notes!!!!!!Letters vary depending on availability.

Not a fan of pink? We can't be friends! But also, you can select a different main color instead. Just put it in the notes section :)


Shipping is NOT currently available for cupcakes. Please do not select "shipping" or your order will be charged and then refunded. Refunds may take several days. Thank you. 

Monogram Cupcake ‘Pinky’

  • Monogram Box orders must be placed at least 2 weeks in advance (unless we have spoken and confirmed otherwise). Orders that are not at least 2 weeks in advance will be refunded.

    Please check calendar for availability before placing your order:

    I am a one-woman shop with a maximum order of 10 boxes for 1 date. Please order 4 weeks ahead of time for large orders (more than 5 boxes)!

    Cupcakes can be kept at room temperature for a few days but if preferred, you can keep them refrigerated and bring them to room temp prior to serving. I use real butter so be aware of high temperatures/melting! 

    Contact me at for questions or concerns before placing your order.

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