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Celebrating a birthday? We’ve got you covered.


One box includes 15 fresh-baked cupcakes of your choice, covered in homemade (real butter!) butter cream, topped with fun vanilla fondant pieces. *Contains mini marshmallows between the cupcakes - they can be avoided during consumption, or you can eat 'em!


Going for a crowd over 12yo? I can change the colors to something more grown n sexy- just let me know somewhere in your order notes.


Shipping is NOT currently available for cupcakes. Please do not select "shipping" or your order will be charged and then refunded. Refunds may take several days. Thank you. 

Birthday Cupcake Cake (pull apart)

  • *Please check my calendar before placing an order: * Contact me if you're unsure about anything. 

    Orders placed under 1 week ahead or placed on a date marked "booked" or "closed" will be canceled and refunded. Processing fees may not be refundable.  

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