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Cookies are made with fresh, homemade dough, layered with flavorful icing and topped with edible paper (compressed frosting sheets + edible ink). Please send your images to and allow me to check the quality first before you place your order! 6 images allowed per dozen. 

Halo Printed Sugar Cookies

  • Orders that are not at least 1 week in advance will be refunded. Please contact me if you are unsure. I am a one-woman shop with a maximum order of 10 dozen cookies for 1 date. Please order 4 weeks ahead of time for large orders (more than 4 dozen)!

    Cookies come individually wrapped in clear food-safe bags. I do not use preservatives, so they should stay "good" for around 2 weeks but are best consumed within a week. Contact me at for questions or concerns before placing your order.

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