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One dozen freshly baked cupcakes in your choice of either strawberry, vanilla OR chocolate, with hand-piped buttercream. Pink and white are the theme colors seen in photos, with green accents. If you would prefer a different 2 colors, please add that note to your order. Keep in mind that if you choose strawberry or chocolate frosting that the color options are more limited (especially for chocolate which is dark already).

One flavor variety per dozen. Thank you.


Shipping is NOT currently available for cupcakes. Please do not select "shipping" or your order will be charged and then refunded. Refunds may take several days. Thank you. 

Floral Cupcake Assortment


Discount when buying 2 or more dozen

  • Please check calendar prior to placing order: * Please contact me if you are unsure.

    I am a one-woman shop; maximum order of 10 dozen cookies. Please order 2-3 weeks ahead of time for large orders (more than 4 dozen)!

    Cookies come individually wrapped in clear food-safe bags. I do not use preservatives, so they should stay fresh for around 2-3 weeks but are best consumed within a week. Contact me at for questions or concerns before placing your order.

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