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STOP!!! Only order here if I've spoken to you ahead of time and you need to pay for your items.

1. Select the price we agreed on. Tips can be added here if desired.

2. Add your notes/details about your order!

3. Add your date + preferred time(s). Exact pickup/delivery time will be confirmed later.


Prices are per dozen. If you're ordering several of the same dozen, use "quantity" to select more. If you want "1 dozen of this and 1 dozen of that", add items to your cart one at a time.


If you have questions/concerns, please contact me before ordering. 

All prices are subject to change.

Checkout: Custom Cookies

  • Orders that are not at least 1 week in advance will be refunded [unless we have spoken prior!].

    *Please check calendar prior to placing order: * Please contact me if you are unsure.

    I am a one-woman shop with a maximum order of 10 dozen cookies for 1 date. Please order 4 weeks ahead of time for large orders (more than 4 dozen)!

    Cookies come individually wrapped in clear food-safe bags. I do not use preservatives, so they should stay "good" for around 2 weeks but are best consumed within a week. Contact me at for questions or concerns before placing your order.

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