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Perfect Valentine's Day Gift


-One (1) decorated chocolate heart lid - the bottom is open so you can add your own personal gifts (i.e. money, jewelry, sonogram, plane tickets, gift cards, adoption papers, divorce papers).

-One (1) small wooden mallet to break the heart with. 

-1/2 pound of select candies and non-perishable sweets, which will vary. Please notify me of any nut allergies so I don't include those types of candies. 


Shipping is NOT currently available for breakable hearts. Please do not select "shipping" or your order will be charged and then refunded. Refunds may take several days. Thank you. 

Breakable Candy Hearts

  • Orders that are not at least 1 week in advance will be refunded.

    *Please check calendar prior to placing order:

    I am a one-woman shop with a maximum order of 5 hearts for any 1 date. 

    Contact me at for questions or concerns before placing your order.

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